Who is Morgan Mitchell?

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Journalist, Author, Student of Life

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Morgan Mitchell began her journey to becoming a journalist at the early age of five. When Morgan was a child, she knew she loved to write and tell stories. Throughout her primary education, Morgan expanded her knowledge of the world and improved her writing skills. Morgan initially went to Texas A&M Galveston, where she studied Marine Biology. After deciding that the path to that life was not what she really wanted to do, she moved to Lubbock, TX to go to school at Texas Tech University.

After many more major changes, Morgan decided she should take some time off of school to discover what she really wanted to do in life. During this time, Morgan worked at the Odessa American as the special projects editor. She loved being in the newsroom, but was not on the editorial side of life. She wrote several articles a week for business to publish in the paper. Despite her love of writing, this path of primarily public relations was not what she expected from the industry and moved on to becoming a substitute teacher.

Morgan moved to San Marcos, TX in the summer of 2015 and began studying journalism at Texas State University. Morgan had finally found her true calling in life. She enjoyed all of her classes and all of her teachers.

Morgan is set to graduate in May of 2017 and hopes to get a job working in the news industry.

Here is a list of schools I have been to:

  1. Texas A&M Galveston
  2. Galveston College
  3. Houston Community College
  4. Texas Tech University
  5. Odessa College
  6. Now Texas State University!

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