Author Morgan Mitchell

After attending the book signing of one of my favorite authors, I decided to go ahead and add an author page to my website. The author I went to go see was Jamie McGuire. She was very inspiring and encouraged me to complete my works and get myself published.

As soon as the book signing was over, I went home and started writing more of my novel. It is still nameless, but it has over 3,500 words so far.

Some tips that Jamie McGuire told me were to write at least 500 words a day. She told me that even if I end up scrapping it all the next day, just write anyway.

I really enjoyed meeting her. She has several helpful tips on getting published at her website.

My Works

Jamie and Morgan

As I complete works, you can find them all here. I will post the title, a short description, and a link to where you can purchase my books.

Works in the Works

I currently have two projects I am working on. One of them is a children's book and the other is a young adult novel. Keep an eye out for them here soon!