My Demo Reel

Behind my Demo Reel

I started at News4 San Antonio in January of 2016. Here I worked for several weeks being the runner for things such as coffee, scripts, and making phone calls and logging video.

As my internship was wrapping up, I became aware of all of the things I had yet to accomplish. I started working with an amazing man named Darian Trotter who took me under his wing and put me through a two-week journalism bootcamp.

At the end of my two-week bootcamp, I had logged several hours of stand-up video footage, been on several ride-alongs, and had written two packages. I was on my way to the station one Sunday to do my anchor run-through, when my truck stalled in the center lane of I35 in down-town San Antonio.

After that terrifying setback, I rescheduled the run-through and made it back to do an hour of work at the station. Now that I have my work done, I am working on my demo reel. As soon as it is finished, you will be able to find it here. I hope you enjoy it!