The Portfolio of Morgan Mitchell


Project Name Project Type
Texas State Protest News Writing Article
San Marcos CISD News Writing Article
Spring Break News Writing Article
Travel Ban Effects News Writing Article


Before President Trump was elected, a protest broke out on the Texas State University Campus. This protest was a display of many different people getting together to stand up for what they believe in.

San Marcos CISD

After a school board meeting that decided to place a bond on the next ballot, the discussion of whether or not the bond was enough or even beneficial to the public was brought into question.

Spring Break

The idea of spring break being a wild party is challenged by this article that sheds light on how college students choose to participate this year.

Travel Ban

Shortly after President Trump signed the executive order preventing people from Muslim majority nations from entering the country, Texas State University students showed their support of their diverse peers.

Other Website Projects

Adopt Love

The Adopt Love project was started shortly after World Adoption Day. The subjects of the project were Morgan Mitchell and Paula Gruben who were both adopted at birth and advocate adoption.

Studen Debt in Texas

After combing through copious amounts of data, the Student Debt in Texas project launched to inform the public about the hardships students undergo trying to stay and pay for college.