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What I Do For You


My Job

I will create a professional, eye catching and interesting media presence for your business. I am able to create a large variety of posts including certificates, posters, slides, stories and many other specific requests can be made. 

About Me

My Education


I have developed social and organizational skills. As I am currently enrolled at Brock University in the Business Communication program, I am continuously learning new material regarding effective ways to communicate within the business and fellow citizens. Within my third year, I have completed the Youth Education Series at Walt Disney World, to understand how the course material is applied in the real world. I will continue to practice what I have learned from this experience in my daily life. I enjoy working with others, especially when I am benefiting their long-term wellness. I am passionate about education as I have been involved with the school's student representation team. With this, I would attend monthly meetings with my current/former teachers and talk about the changes and challenges that the department faces. For my position as a Business Communications representative, I gave my personal opinion and delivered the news to my fellow classmates.

My passion


Give customers a reason to do business with you. I am trustworthy, responsible, passionate, professional and independent. I want to be able to expand the current understanding of communication between businesses and individuals. I inspire to work in public relations. I strive off of feedback from others as it gives me self-fulfillment. I enjoy working as a voice in a variety of fields including medical, educational or financial. I look forward to what your business has to offer as I continue my journey as I prepare for your future. I love talking with others and learning from others personal experiences. With this, I plan on being a voice for businesses and allow a development between both the products and consumers. Customer service has always played a role in my life as I have been working in the service industry for over 5 years. I strive to give people the best service that I can give.

My Previous Work

Advertising Your Event


Allow me to create an advertisement to showcase and describe the services or event that you are offering. As shown, I was able to create the poster for the Niagara Economic Summit 2019. This image was used as the main logo for this event. It was featured on the slide shows, posters and event brochures. 

Poster Creation


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. As shown I was able to create a poster for the Niagara Economic Summit 2019. This poster was used on a range of social media platforms, such as the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce's.

Promote Current Deals


Having a sale, meeting or special event? Definitely promote it to get customers excited about this occasion. This image captures the opportunity I had representing the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce at the Niagara Economic Summit 2019. I was able to help organise this event to make sure it was ran smoothly and efficiently.

Slide Show Material


Within one's business meeting or personal branding, you should give insight on what your audience is expecting. Here, I was able to show off what Brock Dickinson was all about. This slide was featured when he was giving his speech at the Niagara Economic Summit. 

Displaying Your Information


Customers have questions, you have answers. By displaying what the company or event has to offer, it allows customers to feel welcome and informed on what's to come. Here, Jamie McMillan was the guest speaker, by giving her a large header, people were able to clearly see her name to later reach out if they felt necessary. 



Winner! Winner! You want someone to feel great about winning, why not give them something to remember this moment by? A eye-catching certificate was made for the 2020 Starry Night fundraiser. Not only will it make the customer feel good, but also the company who is offering their product/services. Give them something to talk about beyond the prize.

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